The OCUF annually pools its volunteers together to speak to groups of school children and college students as part of career day activities. It's an opportunity for our volunteers to share their passion for what they do with the next generation.


The purpose of this seminar is to educate participants on managing and controlling their financial futures. Hosted in conjunction with the National Collation of 100 Black Women of Orange County, the seminar features a wide range of forums on adult-focused topics such as understanding personal finance, investing in stocks, bonds and saving alternatives for retirement.


The educational support offered by OCUF is viewed as an investment in the future of the Orange County community. The OCUF has grants targeted to youths with the desire to pursue educational studies in the areas of Arts, Science, Business, Engineering, and Education. Our program grants money every year in the form of merit scholarships and need based grants.


The OCUF acknowledges the importance of mentoring. In partnership with community support groups, our goal is to mentor youths in the educational and social aspects of their lives. The OCUF is engaged in the beginning of the students' education journey ( junior high school throughout college). We pair our youths with professionals that offer real life advice, experiences, and career counseling. With this approach, our overall goal is to build the leaders, thinkers and quality citizens in our community.


The OCUF has collaborated with several organizations in the Lakewood community to provide a day of public awareness. The symposium is focused on the importance of health awareness, health screening and healthy lifestyle choices. A partial list of the services provided:

  • High Blood Pressure Check
  • Diabetes Screening
  • Weight Control Information
  • Nutrition and Exercise Information
  • CPR Training
  • Breast Health & Screening