Community Service

For my community service project I set up a donations box at work for Women’s hygiene products. A lot of my coworkers and their families donated a few items, and I also donated some as well. I picked women's hygiene products to donate because every once a month a woman is in need of the necessities to maintain her hygiene, however when you are apart of a low income household or homeless it is very hard to pick hygiene over food. I picked The Courtyard shelter because it is in Santa Ana which has a big homeless problem. Also the director of the program is African American. When I arrived at the homeless shelter it was very sad. The ages of these individuals ranged from 14 to 87. Before I could even get in the door to donate their were people rushing me by the door asking for products so forgive me for the lack of pictures at the actual shelter. Some individuals were more aggressive then others and I also didn’t want to be insensitive to their environment. However this was a wonderful experience and I hope that I can pair up with this shelter and do a lot more giving back with my black student union.