Community Service


On Saturday, April 15th 2017, I volunteered at the Long Beach State Invitational Track Meet. During the track meet I helped with various things. Some of the duties including helping the athletes with anything they needed which could vary from getting them water, to finding them their coaches, to getting them registered and signed up for their events and heats, or to getting them help from their trainer. I also helped direct guests to certain events throughout the day. However, the majority of the day I assisted the long jump/triple jump coaches. In assisting these coaches, I helped by racking and smoothing the long jump/triple jump pit after every jumper, registering the jumpers for every event and heat, or putting up the jumper’s scores after each jump. I would say the most challenging part of volunteering at the invitation was racking and smoothing the pit because it was very tiring and strenuous, especially after doing it for over six hours straight. I was helping at the invitational form twelve in the afternoon until eight o’clock at night. Despite how tiring some of the work was, I had a great time volunteering at the Long Beach State Invitational, especially being able to watch some of the best athletes from all across the country compete.

I chose to help volunteer at the Long Beach State Invitational because I knew that this was a big event for my school and that there was going to be dozens of schools and athletes and I knew they would need the extra help. I also decided to volunteer here because I think it is important to help in your community first and for me, my home and community is my school. So, I thought what better place to help than there. I am very glad I chose to volunteer.