Cerritos High School Engineering Design and Development (EDD) 2022

CHS Annual EDD Trade Show 2022

Engineering Design and Development (EDD) is the capstone course in the Cerritos High School (CHS) engineering program.  It is an engineering research course in which students work in team to design and develop an original solution to a valid open-ended technical problem by applying the engineering design process.  The trade show will highlight an entire year of product development through the design process.

Orange County Uplift Foundation (OCUF) is the means by which we are able to fund each of the EDD projects as well as reward outstanding students with scholarships each year.  This is our 7th year partnering with the foundation and they have provided over $25,000 towards student product material student scholarships.

This year’s Product Design Winners will receive:

1st Place Team Coral Cadets: $500 per Team Member

2nd Place Team ATM: $250 per Team Member

3rd Place Team FXR: $100 per Team Member

  • Winning Teams

The OCUF is a 501(C) 3 and a California recognized domestic nonprofit whose specific objectives are geared toward community outreach.  Formed in 2006, the foundation uses innovative methods to address community needs and to improve the quality of life for residents of the diverse communities of Southern California.

We would like to thank the OCUF for making this year’s EDD Trade Show successful.  Our capstone engineering project would not be viable program without your donated time and money.

Bryan Jerigan

Director CHS Engineering Program


Final Project Presentations:


Product Name Brief Summary of Problem Team Name
Power Strip  with Extending Outlets A creative and effective approach to tackle the large  clunky adapter problem by utilizing a poppoble outlet with a winding mechanism N Cubed
Microplastics Ocean Filtration   System The pollution  of the ocean by microplastics causes massive damage to coral reefs so to counteract this issue we created a filtration system to  separate the microplastics. Coral Cadets
River Up (mocroplastics river filtration  system) Due to the negative effects of trash in rivers we designed and created a wheel that collects trash. Oasis Inventions
Assisted Trash Mover Every week people living in urban areas need to take out their trash bins. Elderly and the people who have physical disabilities and  need assistance to do such tasks. ATM
Gardening Robot Busy or  employed people that  tend to their home gardens may have trouble constantly y watering and toking core of them, and this can cause decay in their gardens· overall health. FXR
REP Mobile In search and rescue missions, there are often times where o person cannot just enter on area to check if anyone is  stuck or in need of assistance. This rover is able to enter through small inaccessible areas and detect people, if any, ore in the area. REP
Skyline Water Bottle Many people drink water every day, but the water doesn't stay cool in the water bottle. To solve this problem we have created a water bottle that will keep your water cool when needing a sip of cool water. Skyline
GAS (Golf Alert System) Many golfers lose their clubs on the greens, due to golfers being forgetful. When a golfer uses the wedge to hit the ball into the putting green, they often drop the wedge on the grass. After they're done putting. Simple Solutions

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