OCUF Donates $1,000 To The Cerritos High Prosthetic Hand Project

Orange County Uplift Foundation Donates $1,000 To The Cerritos High Prosthetic Hand Project. Cerritos High School engineering is moving beyond changing lives in the classroom to changing lives in our community. Their students have recognized that 3D printing can enhance the lives of people who are digit/limb deficient. They are in the process of building a mechanical enabled device that will enhance a young girl's life. She was born without a portion of her hand and, while she has adapted to life without it, this device will change her life. The ultimate goal will be a fully automated “hand". This hand will be controlled by sensing electrical impulses in her forearm. The impulses will send a Bluetooth signal to an arduino control module which will activate individual fingers. Just the linear actuators for each finger. The students are hoping to be able to create a prototype hand and move forward to a finished product to present to the young girl by June 2019.

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